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At this page you will get specific information for your career start or the next career step for pupils/graduates and individuals with experience.

As a corporate you will get access to the worldwide unique questionnaire “My Competency Profile” based on modern competency theories. You will be able to integrate the questionnaire without a lot of adjustments in your daily HR operation.

Do you want a higher salary?
You want to better market your strenghts?
And you are uncertain how to get it done?

Invest 15 min online for your future and you will receive a profile with your individual strengths. Your profile will be to the point, reliable and sophisticated. In addition you will receive further services:

  • Immediate graphical Online-Feedback including result interpretation
  • 3rd party assessments by friends or colleagues
  • Tips for suitable occupational fields
  • Suggestions for improving your letter of application
  • A wide range of self-training tips
  • More than 200 job-search engines
  • … more

… and if you like: individual coaching over the phone with an expert

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